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About us

McLaughlin Trusses Inc. is a locally owned and operated roof truss and floor joist manufacturer. We are proud to say our products are second to none worldwide. We meet and exceed all Canadian and USA codes and are members in good standing of the Atlantic and Canadian Truss Associations.

Truck and Trusses

We offer truss design by our skilled employees, customized to your specifications. They are able to work with you one-on-one to ensure that the best and most cost-effective plan is figured out for you.

Truck and Trusses

We produce custom made floor joists and roof trusses and have EWP (LVL & Beams) available.



Building Customer Relationships

We enjoy establishing a relationship with our clients. We also place a high importance on community, therefore we want to continue offering our products to local businesses & home owners

Tips to Improve Your Experience

If you will be visiting McLaughlin Trusses Inc. in Wakefield to discuss an upcoming project, please bring all current plans, sizes and dimensions that are available. The more information we have from the start, the easier it will be to access the project and offer a more accurate estimate.

Coming prepared with an active email address or fax number can also assist us with further correspondence.

Our Team’s Experience

McLaughlin Trusses Inc. has been manufacturing roof and floor trusses for residential, commercial and agricultural customers since 1977. We have over 40 employees in peak season. We are proud to say our products are second to none worldwide.

Where We Deliver

Being located near the US/Canadian border in Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada has made it possible for us to ship our products within the Maritime Provinces as well as the New England states.